Leasing Options

Don't buy, Rent!

Leasing Options

No Large Outlay

The biggest advantage of leasing equipment is that the cost is spread over a number of years; there is no need for you to pay the entire amount upfront. This can significantly help maintain cash flow, which is critical to all businesses. Poor cash flow is the main cause of small business failures, and leasing can help you to keep it under better control.

Leasing can also allow you to use better equipment (e.g. A more efficient / faster / more accurate product) that would be too expensive to buy outright.


When you lease a product, it is still owned by the leasing company, meaning that they have better security on your finance. This means you are unlikely to need any further security to be able to start a leasing contract, and therefore you have a much better chance of acceptance (passing the credit check) than with other forms of finance.

Tax Advantages

Lease rentals are considered as an operating cost, which means that it is often possible to deduct them from taxable profits (as a trading expense). However, you should always check that the equipment you are buying is eligible before agreeing to a contract.

If your business pays no or minimal taxes, then some leasing companies will claim the capital allowance on your behalf, and lower the leasing costs accordingly.


As a lease agreement is almost always a fixed contract, it is relatively easy to budget and forecast with. The amount can be worked into your businesses budget much more easily than an irregularly occurring lump sum; allowing you to keep a much better control over current and future cash flow. In the event that you need an item replacing quickly, you can do so with a relatively minor monthly adjustment to the budget, instead of a lump sum that could seriously damage cash flow.

Focus Leasing Finance are pleased to provide customers of ‘ALL Energy Services Ltd’ with a professional, flexible funding solution that supports all future equipment purchases over a maximum 5-year term and subject to status and credit approval.’

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